Revelo Lab

Welcome to the Revelo Lab! 

We are currently hiring for highly motivated researchers and postdoctoral fellows. Please send a CV and short cover letter to Dr. Revelo (

The incidence of obesity has advanced rapidly in recent decades and is now considered a major health issue worldwide. Chronic inflammation of metabolic tissues is a dominant factor in the development of obesity-related complications including insulin resistance and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Our goal is to improve our understanding of the crosstalk between metabolic and inflammatory systems that eventually will lead to new therapies for the prevention and treatment of the metabolic syndrome.


Our research investigates the molecular and integrative biology of metabolism and immunology with emphasis on the immune mechanisms that drive inflammation during obesity


Our program focuses on three areas:

      1. Mechanisms of hepatic and intestinal inflammation in obesity and NAFLD
      2. Anti-inflammatory mechanisms of exercise in obesity and NAFLD
      3. Modulation of immune pathways as potential therapeutics for metabolic disease