Twin Cities: St. Paul and Minneapolis, MN

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Emilyn's reason to love the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul

1. Foodie town. Check out these markets for global-experience to name a few. and, ,,,  

2. Surly,, named Beer Advocate's "Best Brewery in America". Surley is located near the lab and a frequent place for IBP gathering.

3. Lots of bands visit Minneapolis and you can see them in tiny venues. 

5. The most theater seats per capita in the country.

4. Major Sports: Minnesota Twins, Vikings, Wild, and Timberwolves!

5. The Walker and MIA are considered heavy-hitters nationally on the modern art scenes. and

6. Bona fide mom and pop record stores still exist here. 

7. Our state fair is one of the highest attended fairs in the nation. 

8. Welcome aboard to an excellent public transportations. Free wifi on the bus/train to help you get some work done! Emilyn enjoys taking the bus to work!! and

9. 10,000 lakes and at least four are in Minneapolis proper for urban lake swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, and roller and inline skating!

10. We have a thriving independent comic book community. 

11. Summer free concerts and movies at lakeside events. Lake Harriet, and Lake Bde Maka Ska,

12. There are more than a few people here who are crazy enough to bike all year round.

13. Cheap rent + supportive community = never-ending supply of fresh arts.  

14. Free Zoo, Japanese Garden and Conversatory.

15. Night Markets:, and Como Park Obon Lantern Festival (summer)

16. Farmer Markets: and

17. Unique Neighborhoods:

18. Holidays Festivities:  and

19. UMN Arboretum.

20. The park system is world class.

21. Winter season: Cold but sunny!! Emilyn mostly spends her winter weekends watching her daughters play hockey throughout the city,