Alejandro Lab Activities


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Alejandro and Ruan Lab Joint Meeting 2018alejandro and ruan xmas 2018

Dr. Raphael Scharfmann visiting the UMN Stem Cell Institute, October 2018Raphael

Dr. John Hanover and Dr. Theresa Powell, IBP Seminars, October 2018owell

Dr. Ernesto Bernal-Mizrachi visitng UMN Department of Integrative Biology and Physiology (IBP), Sept 2018E visit

Islet 2018

Team get together to celebrate our R01 grant, Lake Harriet, Linden Hills!!! August 2018alejandro summer 2018

The Alejandro Lab attending the American Diabetes Association Meeting, Orlando, FL, June 2018. Alejandro Lab ADA 2018

1st IBP Undergraduate Research Symposium, a celebration of research and scholarship! May 2018Research Symposium

The Alejandro lab, in partnership with IBP, is hosting our first Undergraduate Research Symposium to celebrate our young scholars!

Team get together to celebrate lab members achievement, funding, and to welcome Dr. Eric Gustafson! April 2018May 2018 Group Lunch



Team celebrating Amber's F31 application and to welcome new members of the lab! Winter 2018lab team

Team attending the International Conference on Islet Regeneration and Raplacement at Mayo Clinic. Fall 2017


Lab get-together to celebrate Dan's acceptance to IBP Graduate School and our first R21 NIH Grant. Summer 2017


Midwest Islet Club, Madison, Wisconsin. May 2017

MIC 2017 revised