Cardio Palooza

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We invite you to look at our picture galleries from past retreat events.


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Award winners: Meghana Iyer, Summer Scholar (Tranquillo lab); Lee Meier, Graduate Student (Binstadt lab); Zhongming Chen, Post doc (van Berlo lab); Jason Allen, Clinical Fellow (Bartos lab) Picture gallery


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Award winners: Hyun Cho, Summer Scholar; Yi-Wei Lin, Graduate Students (Pharmacology); Bhairab N. Singh, Researcher (School of Medicine); Stephen George, Medical Fellow (Cardiology) Picture gallery


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Award winners: Jared Matzhe, summer scholar; Jackie McCort, graduate student (BMBB); Ninitha Asirvantham-Jeyarj, Post Doc (Osborn lab); Young Kwon, Clinical Fellow. Picture Gallery


cardio 12

Award winners: Monica Knaack, Summer Scholars; Cheryl Cero, Graduate Student; Tara Rasmussen, Post Doc; Forum Kamdar, Clinical Fellow. Picture gallery


cardio 17

Award winners: Karena Lin, Summer Scholar (Perlingeiro lab); Tatyana Meyers, Graduate Student (Townsend lab); Ning Xie, Post doc; Kurt Prins, Clinical Fellow (Metzger lab) Picture gallery


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Award winners: Pa Nhiam Moua, Summer Scholar (Metzger lab); John Rohode, Graduate Student (Thomas lab); Zeeshan Syedain, Post Doc (Tranquillo lab); Kurt Prins, Clinical Fellow (Metzger lab). Picture gallery


cardio 2013

Award winners: Courtney Connolly, Summer Scholar; Kaustubh Mote, Graduate Student; Bhairab N. Singh, Post Doc; Khalil Murad, Clinical Fellow. Picture gallery


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