Program in Human Anatomy

Our mission: The central mission of the Medical School's Program in Human Anatomy Education is to teach Gross Human Anatomy and Embryology to professional, graduate, and undergraduate students at the University of Minnesota. 

To fulfill this mission, the program seeks to develop and/or adopt innovative teaching methods to better facilitate anatomy education and to create courses to meet the educational needs of professional and advanced nontraditional students (residents, practicing physicians, biomedical engineers, etc.).

Outreach activities

Mini Medical School

Each semester our anatomy faculty participate in Mini Medical School, a 5-week evening course hosted by the University of Minensota Academic Health Center for anyone wanting a glimpse into the world of a medical student and to hear from experts on the scientific foundations of health and disease.

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Program in Human Anatomy outreach activitiesPictured is Mary Wrobel (left) and her daughter, Emily who have attended several Mini Medical School sessions together.

Plastination Lab featured in Pioneer Press

Our plastination lab and Professor Anthony Weinhaus were featured in the Pioneer Press article "'Body Worlds' preservation method also used at University of Minnesota." Read full article

Plastination Lab

The university's lab is one of only about a dozen in the United States that essentially turns flesh into plastic, using a method developed in the 1970s by German anatomist Gunther von Hagens.

—Pioneer Press

In the News

Anatomy Faculty using the Wangensteen Historical Library to teach new generations about medicine.

Read article in Spring 2017 edition of UMN Medical Bulletin.

anatomy look back