PHSL 5525: Pelvic Short Course

PHSL 5525: Anatomy and Physiology of the Pelvis and Urinary System

pelvic course imageThis is a short course focused on the anatomy and physiology of the pelvis, perineum, and urinary system. It has a strong anatomical bias with the pelvis and perineum, but will delve more deeply into the physiology of the urinary system.


Course Directors

Professor Mark Cook

Mark Cook, PhD, PT
Mark's experience in teaching anatomy spans 20 years, including a previous faculty appointment at California State University and his current appointment at the University of Minnesota as Assistant Professor and Co-Director, Program in Human Anatomy. In addition to teaching anatomy, Mark is a licensed physical therapist and does consulting for several medical device companies in Minnesota.

stephen katz

Stephen Katz, PhD
Stephen has been teaching Physiology for almost 30 years and is currently the Director of Education in the Integrative Biology and Physiology Department. In addition to this short course, Stephen teaches renal physiology, renal pharmacology, acid base balance, compartmental fluid dynamics, gastrointestinal physiology, and energy metabolism to medical and dental students, as well as graduate and undergraduate students.