Meet Our Students

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iffy akinnola Ifeolu (Iffy) Akinnola, 2nd Year Grad / MSTP Student

daneil baumannDaniel Baumann, 1st Year Grad Student

kadambari ShekarKadambari (Kad) Chandra Shekar, PhD Candidate

Research: Investigating the changes in mirochondrial health and function during sudden cardiac arrest.
Yannopoulos Lab

Carolina Ortiz Cordero

Carolina Ortiz Cordero, PhD Candidate

Research: Modeling muscular dystrophies using induced pluripotent stem cells.
Perlingeiro Lab

michaela jones

Michaela Jones, 2nd Year Grad Student

Snider Desir

Snider Desir, PhD Candidate

Research: Investigating tunneling nanotube formation and their role in cancer cell invasion, progression, tumor recurrence, and chemotherapy resistance.
Emil Lou / Cliff Steer Lab

Forum Kamdar

Forum Kamdar, MD, PhD Candidate

Research: translational research directed towards the treatment of heart failure.
Dan Garry Lab

alexie larson

Alexie Larson, 2nd Year Grad Student

Research: Investigating the mechanisms whereby estradiol deficiency impairs satellite cell maintenance and self-renewal.
Lowe Lab

Amber Lockridge

Amber Lockridge, PhD Candidate

Research: Role of O-linked glycosylation and NMDAR on insulin producing beta-cell plasticity and function.
Alejandro Lab

Tanya Meyers

Tatyana Meyers, PhD Candidate

Research: Cardiac injury and sex differences in mouse models of muscular dystrophy.

Townsend Lab

thu an nguyen

An Nguyen, 1st Year Grad Student

 Mayank VermaMayank Verma, Ph.D. Candidate

Research: My interests lie in studying the mechanism of skeletal muscle injury and regeneration in the context of muscle disease
Asakura Lab

pedro r

Pedro Rodriguez, 1st Year Grad Student

Anthony Vetter

Anthony Vetter, PhD Candidate

Research: Cardiac inotrope drug discovery
Metzger Lab

Amritha Yellamilli

Amritha Yellamilli, Ph.D. Candidate / MSTP Student

Research: Cardiac regeneration
van Berlo Lab

Doga yucel

Dogacan Yücel, 1st Year Grad Student

Naixin Zhang, 2nd Year Grad Student

O'Connell Lab